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About You...
BirthplaceGiessen, Germany
Current LocationSouthampton, England
Hair Colorcurrently black
Eye Colorbrown
Your fearsclaustrophobia, losing someone I love
Your weaknesspancakes
Goal for todaycontinue recipe book
Goal for this yearsucceed in college
Lifetime goalbe happy.
When do you want to get married?when I\'m ready
and to whom?to my fiancé
Ever been in love?yes
Currently in love?oh yes =)
Do you think you are attractive?there are times.
Your best physical featureinteresting hair styles lol
Have you ever...
eaten Sushi...no. i dont like fish.
gone skinny dipping...no. but I WANT TO!!
been beaten up...no.
wanted to kill someone...sure.
gone a week without MySpace...yes.
gone a week without TV...i dont watch TV
Who's the last person to...
kiss you...chris
say hi to you...my grandparents
talk to you...my granddad
What's the last...
Time you cried?today. couple of hours ago
Book you've read?mr. vertigo by paul auster
Store you've been in?saturn
Can you...
Dance?when I\'m drunk
Speak a differenty language?yes. of course lol
Cook?a bit. trying to get better
Write w/ both hands?no.
Finish the line...
If I had a...wing. (2 would be more useful)
I wouldfly
So I cansee my family and fiancé whenever I want.

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Alter: 28
aus: 34128 Southampton
Schule: Totton College in Southampton

Ich mag diese...

Musiker: Plot against Paris, And What Will Be Left Of Them?, The Rock-It Dogs, Rise Against, Luke Pickett, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, McFLY, Cocktail Party Effect
Lieder: Prayer Of A Refugee by Rise Aainst
Transilvania by McFLY
Sendungen: Heroes <333
Filme: Down By Law
Night On Earth
The Edukators - Your Days OF Plenty Are Numbered
Napoleon Dynamite
Schauspieler: the guy who playes Hiro in Heroes <333
Bücher: way too many.

Prolly Inkheart and Inkspell by Cornelia Funke

Autoren: Paul Auster
Isabel Allende
Niccolò Ammaniti
Cornelia Funke
Astrid Lindgren

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